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The Art of Cybersecurity Distribution


Value-add is ingrained in our DNA. Our next-generation approach to managing customers, partners and vendors endeavors to add value across the chain resulting in deep-rooted relationships, trust and loyalty. Our expert value-added-services cover the entire lifecycle from sales through support.

  • Get ensured ROI through sharing of qualified opportunities
  • Access to strategic partner rebate and incentive program
  • Able to participate in joint marketing activities
  • Training via expert pre-sales & post-sales and enablement
  • Access to industry-leading technologies across the cybersecurity domain
  • Access to specialized cybersecurity consultancy and advisory services
  • Alignment with the best resellers, system integrators & service providers
  • Consistent industry and product updates
  • Map business challenges to cybersecurity requirements
  • Leverage two-way feedback to drive portfolio decisions
  • Full extension of vendor team on-ground
  • Lower TCO & TTV
  • Rapid ROI & Market Penetration
  • Simultaneous development of pipeline and channel
  • Marketing fueled awareness creation & lead generation

Governance and Risk

Automation and Orchestration

Visibility and Analytics






Zero Trust Security Model

Data Security

In a ZeroTrust model, you cannot trust anything residing in or out of your network. You also can’t rely on your on-prem security controls any longer, as the sensitive data is just transiting back and forth to the cloud, as it is sitting inside your network.

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People & Identity Security

People are usually the weakest link within your organization, and your security is as strong as the weakest link within your security ecosystem. Threat actors know this for a fact and target the identities of corporate workforces to compromise them and leverage their privileges for later lateral movement and network infiltration.

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Network Security

ZeroTrust network security helps take physical and software preventative measures to protect the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure.

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Device Security

In the ZeroTrust Security model you must evaluate and assess every device, to ensure its trustworthiness and authenticity, approve access, and then isolate, secure, and always control every device touching the network on a continuous basis.

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Workloads & Application Security

Running workloads in a public cloud means that your data is on somebody else’s computer. It’s crucial to apply ZeroTrust workload principles to protect the front-end and back-end systems that run your daily business operations.

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Visibility and Analytics

In Zero Trust Model all network traffic should be inspected and logged: both internally as well as externally. To do this, it is recommended to deploy network analysis and visibility (NAV) tools in conjunction with legacy security information management (SIM) systems.

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Security Automation and Orchestration

Security orchestration integrates security tools, facilitates automation and combines dashboards, reports and human collaboration to increase the overall efficiency of a SecOps team. When combining automation and orchestration, security teams can handle more alerts.

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Governance and Risk

The governance pillar’s primary objective is to establish a framework that supports the zero trust model’s adoption which includes policies, procedures, and guidelines that govern access control, data protection, and risk management. Additionally, it involves defining roles and responsibilities, establishing accountability, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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CyberKnight Technologies is a cybersecurity focused value-added-distributor (VAD), headquartered in Dubai, covering the Middle East with on-the-ground presence in Saudi Arabia and all key Middle East markets. Our Zero Trust Security Model incorporates emerging and market-leading cybersecurity solutions that protect the entire attack surface, by leveraging AI, to help security teams at enterprise and government customers fortify breach detection, accelerate incident response & remediation, while addressing regulatory compliance.

CyberKnight’s Art of Cybersecurity Distribution methodology enables strategic partners to achieve greater market penetration, return-on-investment and time-to-value.

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