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Welcome to our CyberKnight’s eWorkshops conducted together with CrowdStrike – UAE, Gulf and KSA series.

During the live hacking demo you will learn more about how advanced attackers:

  • Move laterally within the environment
  • Maintain persistence and survive environment changes
  • Avoid detection through the use of existing tools
  • Blend into corporate networks and “dwell” for months

And discover how CrowdStrike addresses the “Living off the Land” Challenge, through:

  • Addressing the entire kill chain
  • Performing continuous automated and human-led threat hunting
  • Stopping “Silent Failure” thru continuous telemetry analysis
  • Identifying visibility gaps thru account monitoring, application and asset inventory
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to stop the attackers in their tracks (ThreatGraph®)

Learn more:

10th of June – UAE session

16th of June – Gulf session

17th of June – KSA session