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Capture The Flag

Now you have a chance to win $2500 Cash, plus free licenses for your organization worth more than $20,000, and get free access to the world’s first fully interactive, on-demand, and gamified cyber skills development platform, Immersive Labs.

From the 6th to 12th September 2020, CyberKnight is partnering with Immersive Labs to run a unique competition*.

Join us to:

  • Polish and enhance your cyber skills using a fully interactive gamified platform
  • Get a chance to WIN $2500 cash, plus free licenses for your organization worth more than $20,000
  • Obtain a Certificate of Completion for the CTF competition
  • Get access to your favorite labs for free

*T&C apply

How Do I Get Involved?

Our Capture the Flag Hacking Competition is open to all, so no prerequisites required. There are 10 labs to complete covering various topics and different skill levels. Taking part is easy: complete as many labs as you can on Immersive Labs during 7 days to win $2500. Whoever gets the most points first by the 12th of September will be announced as the Winner.

Example of the challenges: Defensive, Offensive, Pen Testing, Reverse Engineering, OSINT, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Privilege Escalation and more.

Getting Started


Register for the competition on this page


Receive your credentials with further instructions when the competition starts


Complete as many labs as you can before 11pm (GST) on the 12th of September