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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), SDP

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Get secure access with confidence and make sure the right people can access the right resources at the right time. Enable your digital transformation with a security strategy that reduces risk, removes complexity and instills confidence in your future-proofed security posture.

Products and Solutions

Software Defined Perimeter: Zero Trust Starts With Secure Access

  • Make resources invisible with single packet authorization
  • Control Access with Identity-centric-micro-perimeters
  • Provide a seamless experience with concurrent access
  • Build a Cohesive Security ecosystem with robust APIs
  • Keep policies in sync dynamically with meta-data
  • Restrict access for risky devices with posture checking

Risk Based Authentication: A Multi layered approach

  • Customizable authentication
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Risk orchestration
  • Improved experience

Digital Threat Protection: Detect, Deter, and Diminish External Threats

  • Threat Visibility
  • Threat takedown
  • Threat reporting

Threat Advisory Services: Know Where You’re Weakest

  • Adversary simulation
  • Advanced penetration testing
  • Additional Consulting Services
  • Vulnerability Research
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Source Code Analysis
  • Enterprise Platform Testing (PaaS)
  • Wireless Security Assessment


Appgate is an industry leader in secure access solutions changing cybersecurity for the better by making it simpler for users and operators and harder for adversaries. This helps enterprises make sure the right people connect to the resources they need without friction and at the same time, the wrong people are kept out, which reduces the attack surface.


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