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Deception Powered by Threat Intel


CounterCraft empowers organizations to strengthen their security posture more efficiently than ever before. The CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform fits seamlessly into existing security strategies and delivers high-end deception for threat hunting and threat detection using controlled, highly credible synthetic environments. The platform delivers high-quality alerts with zero false positives and automates cyber deception campaigns across a complete range of digital assets to strengthen overall security posture.


The Platform

  • ActiveLures Attracts adversaries into the CounterCraft ActiveSense Environments.
  • ActiveSense Environments Provides a full, deep-sensing environment to collect and deliver all adversary activity in real time.
  • DeepSense Agent Gathers all adversary activity on the deception host and sends it back to the CounterCraft ActiveConsole.
  • ActiveBehavior Automates the process of logging in and performing “typical” user activities keeping deception environment looking authentic.
  • ActiveLink Allows completely cloaked exfiltration of DeepSense telemetry and allows real-time control for instant response to adversary activity.
  • Integrations The CounterCraft Platform integrates with other platforms.

The Pulse

  • Detailed threat intelligence on live incidents, powered by cyber deception
  • Easy to use with an unbeatable signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Quickly identify exploits before they affect your organization.



The Edge

  • CounterCraft The Edge™ VPN Deflect attacks away from the VPN infrastructure of the organization.
  • CounterCraft The Edge™ Ransomware Mitigate the threat of targeted Ransomware attacks in its early stages.
  • CounterCraft The Edge™ Pre-Breach Activity Add a layer of assurance to your external infrastructure.
  • CounterCraft The Edge™ Spear Phishing Mitigate the risk of Spear Phishing attacks penetrating your organization.



The Service

  • Powerful detection Force attackers to reveal themselves during “pre-attack” phases of attack planning and reconnaissance, or during the internal lateral movement phase.
  • Real-time threat intel Gather real time threat intelligence from adversaries’ activity and automatically enrich it with TTP, MITRE ATT&CK, and IOC context.
  • Adversary engagement Interact directly with the adversary, in real time and applying MITRE ENGAGE activities, to manage, delay and deflect the attack to extract more intelligence data from the adversary.




Detect attacks. Collect threat intel. Change adversarial behavior. Take back control.

CounterCraft offers real-time intel that organizations can use to manipulate adversarial behavior even before being attacked. With a distributed threat deception platform, organizations can take a step forward in defense.



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