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Discovery, Classi­fication, DRM, Watermarking

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The Fasoo Data Security Platform is purpose-built for lifecycle control of enterprise-sensitive unstructured data. Sensitive data is comprehensively protected and managed in accordance with corporate governance and regulatory requirements. The platform combines the most advanced data security and management technologies to safeguard sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, regardless of location. Critical sensitive data security and privacy functions are consolidated into a single highly automated sequence of processes.

A seamless connection between processes provides the most effective, efficient, centralized, and automated approach to corporate and regulatory unstructured data governance. The components of the Fasoo Data Security Platform below set us apart from the competition and is why over 2,000 organizations and millions of users trust Fasoo.​


  • Discovery and Classification: Discover, classify, and secure data continuously.
  • Advanced Data Protection: File Security solution meeting regulatory demands.
  • Enterprise Content Platform: Collaborate data by integrating essential functions across applications.
  • Secure Collaboration Platform: Collaborate securely, control content, ensure compliance.
  • UEBA: Rule-based analytics that detects abnormal behaviour, enhancing risk management.


The Fasoo platform establishes seamless interconnections between these processes, yielding an optimal, streamlined, and automated approach to the management of unstructured data in accordance with corporate and regulatory   standards. The distinctive components of the Fasoo Data Security Platform, outlined below, differentiate us from competitors and justify the trust of over 2,000 organizations and millions of users who rely on Fasoo for their data security needs.