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Identity and Access Management

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Ilantus Technologies specializes in the Identity and Access Management domain. We strive to provide reliable and trustworthy IAM solutions to organizations, whether they are a small startup or a Fortune 500 company, through our extensive knowledge and experience. We aim to protect data and tailor unique IAM solutions based on your organizational needs. A leading analyst in the industry, Gartner, defines what we do as a “security discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.” Since the domain’s inception and the formation of Ilantus in the year 2000, Gartner has recognized Ilantus multiple times. We design, develop, implement, and manage software to manage identities and access. Our solutions include Password Management, Single Sign-On, User Lifecycle Management, and Access Governance. We employ top-notch resources as we continue our journey to help enterprises develop their identity and access capabilities and meet increasingly rigorous compliance requirements.


Single Sign On

Seamless SSO with ‘no app left behind’, including on-premise and thick-client apps. Web apps, federated, non-federated, thick-client, legacy or custom apps – will all be included in your SSO environment. Mobile apps and IOT devices are supported too. Homegrown app? Our interactive digital help guide ensures that this will not be an issue. And, if you need assistance with it, call Ilantus’ dedicated helpline available 24 hours from Monday to Friday and we will do the integration for you.

Password Management

Compact Identity possesses the most comprehensive password management system anywhere in the industry. Not only does it provide capabilities to reset forgotten passwords, it also synchronizes passwords from apps that are not connected to your AD.

Identity Governance

Today, perhaps the most important part of an IAM solution, is Identity Governance. This technology allows you to govern your identities and accesses for complete compliance and audit control. Unfortunately, access management solutions in the market offer only shallow identity governance capabilities. Compact Identity, however, offers this at the deepest possible level. It even utilizes advanced analytics and business intelligence to power up your dashboards and display the most critical identity and access parameters on the fly.

Identity Administration

Managing the identity and access lifecycles of users manually is not only a cumbersome, low-productivity process, but also a security risk because the accesses of employees often remain enabled in most businesses, even after they are terminated. Modifying accesses for employees during promotions or transfers is also troublesome. Compact Identity is the most comprehensive answer to these challenges.

Customizable Dashboard

In Compact Identity, for the first time in the history of IAM, ILANTUS has introduced dashboards which can be customized to any role. Security, compliance, IT admins, finance departments, managers, or employees all have requirements when it comes to what identity and access related information they need to view. Compact Identity has dashboards that are visually and logically customized to every role.


Compact Identity – The Ultimate Identity and Access Management Solution

For the first time there is a complete IAM solution that is deep, comprehensive, and can be implemented even by non-IT persons. This includes Access Management as well as Identity Governance and Administration.
A unique online digital guidance system helps you implement the solution step-by-step and at your own pace. Unlike other vendors, Ilantus also offers implementation support as per your needs at no extra charge.



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