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Cyber Risk

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RedSeal’s cyber risk modeling platform for hybrid environments is the foundation for enabling enterprises to be resilient to cyber events across public cloud, private cloud and physical network environments. RedSeal helps customers understand their network from the inside out – providing actionable intelligence, situational awareness and a Digital Resilience Score to help enterprises measure and improve their resilience. Government agencies and Global 2000 companies around the world rely on RedSeal to help them validate their overall security posture, accelerate investigation and improve the productivity of their security and network teams.


Enhance your existing security investments
with RedSeal full network understanding

Only RedSeal brings intelligent context to your entire network infrastructure. You have multiple network environments, so we continually show what’s in your public cloud, private cloud and physical networks, how it’s connected and the associated risk. RedSeal adds value to every existing security device, tool and process by adding network context, effectively acting as a force multiplier for each. Every security product on your network becomes stronger.

Incident Response

A RedSeal model of your whole network gives you context to accelerate cyber incident investigation and cyber incident containment.


Whether you need to comply with legislative mandates like PCI DSS and NERC-CIP or with internal policies for logical separation and access by third parties, it can be very difficult to monitor and enforce access policies. With RedSeal’s continuous monitoring and reporting, you can be ready to prove your compliance at any time.

Vulnerability Management

By adding network context into your vulnerability management program, RedSeal enables you to perform a true risk-based prioritization of the findings from your existing vulnerability scanners.

Cyber Insurance

RedSeal gives cyber insurance providers an essential piece of a risk analysis — a network assessment so they can more accurately evaluate the risk they’re being asked to insure, measure it, and price it.


RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform takes an organization’s awareness of its network infrastructure and translates that into actionable priorities.

The technology builds an accurate, up-to-date model of your hybrid data center so you can validate your security policies, investigate faster, and prioritize issues that compromise your most reachable, valuable network assets.

Unique in the industry, RedSeal can model and evaluate Layers 2, 3, 4 and now 7 — application-based policies. And, it includes endpoint information from multiple sources. What’s more, the RedSeal Digital Resilience Score gives you one metric for how resilient your network is to cyberattacks, and shows you your progress over time.

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