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Zero Trust Security for OT Environments (MFA/SSO)


The Xage Fabric accelerates and simplifies the way enterprises and governments secure, manage and transform digital operations across OT, IT, and cloud. Xage solutions include Identity & Access Management for on-site security, zero trust remote access, and data protection, all powered by the Xage Fabric.


Identity and access management

  • Delivered either wholly on-site, or via the cloud with additional on-site enforcement
  • Granular application-level security and control.
  • Instantly create or revoke groups and policies for devices, applications, and people
  • Protect legacy systems, detect any unauthorized changes, and block attempts at compromise.
  • Non-intrusive deployment

Zero Trust Remote Access

  • Identity driven access: Shift from a network-Acentric to an identity-centric remote access policy model, with each identity forming its own perimeter.
  • Continuous Verification: Strengthen your cybersecurity posture by eliminating all-or-nothing access regardless of the maturity – or lack thereof – of native device controls.
  • Least privilege: Reduce vulnerable attack surface area – providing just enough access for just enough time – to accelerate cyber-hardening without disruption.

Dynamic Data Security

  • End-to-end security across the entire data platform, from physical machines through edge analytics to shared cloud-based data lakes.
  • Multiple participants and their applications can both access and publish data securely.
  • The Dynamic Data Security system digitally hashes, signs and encrypts operational data at source, committing the resulting security information to the Xage Fabric.

Cybersecurity Services

  • Immediately understand your cyber-readiness
  • Speed adoption of industrial cybersecurity best practices
  • Quickly boost your industrial cybersecurity posture


Xage delivers zero-trust identity and access management, securing existing systems and data while protecting on-site and remote-first digital transformation.


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