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Our Services


CyberKnight’s Advisory Services are an extension of our expertise in cybersecurity, that empower business development, as a complementary value-add to our customer ecosystem.

Our specialized advisory services create awareness within and educate government and enterprise end-user organizations about Zero Trust Security, with a vision to help customers accelerate incident response. Simultaneously, we help partners go-to-market faster with next-generation cybersecurity technologies while minimizing risk, achieving rapid pipeline generation, as well as, sustainable, long-term revenue growth. By blending best-of-breed products, services and strategy, we assist our partners to achieve differentiation and profitability. We help partners select appropriate technologies, develop the market with guidance, and coach them to convert opportunities into realizable revenue and profit. We recognize that partners make significant investments to onboard new products, so we focus on bringing them ROI and results as quickly as possible through successful execution.

We understand the complexities of introducing new cybersecurity technologies to the market, including the translation of technical requirements into a business proposition. So, from market research and validation, to creating a path to market strategy, we focus on creating value from the outset across our portfolio of products. Our advisory team bring many years of experience working across multiple verticals and market segments in the Middle East, with a combination of reseller, vendor and distributor backgrounds.










In the current cloud generation era and the rapid digitalization of businesses – cloud, mobile, IoT and industrial IoT – are changing the dynamics within the cybersecurity space. Traditional corporate perimeters are blurring, workloads gradually pushed into cloud, and mobile devices proliferating at an unprecedented rates. Threats and threat actors becoming more complex leveraging on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Organizations are mandated to secure their assets across multiple cloud service providers. Skilled cyber security professionals are in high demand and becoming scarce. How will organizations manage to get on top of these ever-changing risks, and acquire both the skills and the capacity to combat them? Organizations need to adopt new cybersecurity strategies and build their security controls, with a more business agile, data centric, analytics driven, and automated cybersecurity framework.

The ZeroTurst framework can help in achieving this goal. CyberKnight has distinguished experience, expertise, consultants and technology vendors, through which we can advise and consult organizations, to identify the business risks, assess the security gaps, highlight the missing capabilities, propose a ZeroTrust roadmap and strategy and lastly to architect a ZeroTrust integrated solution, that can be implemented in a structured and phased approach.

Identify Business Risks
Assess Security Posture
Highlight Security Gaps
Identify Missing Capabilities
Map to Technology Vendors
Architect a ZeroTrust Solution
Generate a Deployment Stategy

Customer Success

In the digital transformation and cloud generation era, the dynamics of markets, businesses, and threat landscape are changing, so must the service offerings, deliveries, and executions models too.

In their journey towards implementing an efficient ZeroTrust security architecture, customers are looking for strategic partners, whom they can trustfully rely on, to ensure successful implementation, administration and maintenance of ZeroTrust solutions, they deploy. Customers require products and services that are easy to work with and help them drive their goals quickly and effectively. Therefore, they are not only looking for procuring the best solutions available in the market, nonetheless receive half-complete projects, reactive engagements, misconfigured products or average support SLAs. Customers nowadays are looking for continuous, and proactive services, that reflect the needs of the customer, and demonstrate how the product can deliver continued value over time.

CyberKnight’s customer success methodology embraces the concept of ensuring 100% customer trust and satisfaction in any product or technology that is distributed via CyberKnight. We have partnered, and aligned with 3rd party; best in class, and specialized global services companies, that have highly skilled and experienced professional consultants with comprehensive background in project management and cyber security engagements. They are specialized in handling sophisticated service and consulting delivery projects

Highly skilled & certified consultants
Resources can be aligned onsite or remotely
Local knowledge and global experience
Customized services options
Building and securing the relationship

our value proposition


  • Get ensured ROI through sharing of qualified opportunities
  • Access to strategic partner rebate and incentive program
  • Able to participate in joint marketing activities
  • Training via expert pre-sales & post sales and enablement
  • Access to industry-leading technologies across the cyber security domain


  • Access to specialized cybersecurity consultancy and advisory services
  • Alignment with the best resellers, system integrators & service providers
  • Consistent industry and product updates
  • Map business challenges to cybersecurity requirements
  • Leverage two-way feedback to drive portfolio decisions


  • Full extension of vendor team on-ground
  • Lower TCO & TTV
  • Rapid ROI & Market Penetration
  • Simultaneous development of pipeline and channel
  • Marketing fueled awareness creation & lead generation