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About Us


To be the leader in Zero Trust Security advisory and value-added-distribution for the global channel ecosystem, collectively addressing customers’ compliance and cyber threat management challenges.


To maximize value, by accelerating market coverage and penetration respectively for trusted partners, while transparently driving profit velocity, and passionately empowering security professionals to address compliance and simplify cyber threat management.



Empowerment through excitement, education and thought leadership


Dynamic, adaptive to constant change, with velocity


A keen focus on achieving targets and increasing profitability


The constant pursuit of adding value to shareholders, employees, partners, and customers

Uncompromising character

Commitment and accountability to the highest levels of integrity, transparency, loyalty, trust, respect, humility, and inclusion

Inspired by the Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Here is The Art of Cybersecurity Distribution.

Laying Plans

The concept was founded on the simple premise that Cybersecurity distribution in the Middle East was fractured:

  • Vendors were not getting the focus they deserved through overcrowded distribution portfolios
  • Reseller partners did not derive any value from distribution spurring lack of trust and disloyalty
  • Customers were being bombarded by product companies instead of advisors.

Building a focused cybersecurity distributor that could alleviate the market challenges, achieve the business outcomes, and surpass the competition was a real opportunity.

Waging War

Although some distributors attempt to focus on the vendor, the partner or the customer, no one was able to provide value to all three.
CyberKnight’s Art of Cybersecurity Distribution is a unique, transparent and value-driven approach to fixing all three of these problems and maximizing value to vendors, partners and customers simultaneously!

Attack by Stratagem

  • Vendor Focus: Becoming a full extension of vendor teams on-the-ground instill two-way trust, rapid ROI, TTV and market penetration
  • Partner Empowerment: Enhanced sales coverage and partner loyalty achieved by a commitment to differentiation and increased profitability
  • Trusted Advisor: Stronger and deep-rooted customer relationships

CyberKnight’s business strategy embodies 5 key elements:

  • Channel Strategy
  • Customer Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Vendor Management

Tactical Dispositions

CyberKnight’s Zero Trust Security (ZTX) Framework, encompasses leading vendors across all relevant cybersecurity domains to help organizations accelerate incident response and achieve compliance.


CyberKnight has built a best-of-breed team of cybersecurity industry veterans that come with decades of combined experience, deep rooted customer and channel relationships, local experience coverage across the Middle East, and most importantly the highest levels of expertise, passion and energy.

Weak Points and Strong

  • Size doesn’t matter, speed does. CyberKnight’s lean but expert team operate at a rapid pace with a dynamic and passionate culture
  • Where others struggle with process optimization, CyberKnight launched its structured business operations based on best-practices 
  • In an industry where value-add is fading, our DNA is to focus on delivering the maximum value across the chain
  • CyberKnight is changing the definition of VAD by keeping our finger on the pulse of innovation and emerging technology


  • Direct Touch advisory model – Evangelizing, creating awareness and educating the market on Zero Trust Security, with access to the top 250 enterprise and government end-users in the region
  • Channel Driven – Everyone at CyberKnight is a channel manager, that works closely with our 40+ strategic resellers, systems integrators and MSSPs across the region.

Variation in Tactics

  • We don’t sell products to customers, instead we have an Advisory practice to understand their challenges and guide them based on industry best practices
  • We don’t just do Pre-Sales, instead we focus on Consultancy using established methodologies
  • We don’t compete on Services, that’s our partners’ job. We empower our strategic partners through a Customer Success organization fueled by strategic alliances

The Army On The March

  • Focus on achieving depth with strategic partners, not breadth in number of partners
  • Focus on bringing bleeding-edge technologies to enterprise and government customers looking at accelerating incident response to reduce attacker dwell time and lateral movement


The Middle East cyber security market size alone was USD 11.38 billion in 2017 is expected to grow to USD 22.14 billion by 2022, at an estimated CAGR of 14.2%* 

Simultaneously with the growth, the Middle East is also one of the most targeted regions in the world when it comes to cybersecurity attacks, with cybercrime incidents increasing exponentially.

Therefore, CyberKnight focuses its efforts exclusively on the Middle East with local presence across the region, so that in all key markets, orders can be processed locally and in local currency.