Unified Threat Intelligence
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Ransomware Solution Stack

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Attack Surface Management / Digital Risk Protection

Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) & Mobile App Security

Data Access Governance, Active Directory Security, Just-in-Time (JIT) – Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Remote Browser Isolation

Automated Network Penetration Testing & Active Threat Detection


Zero-Trust Remote Workforce Live Sessions

Complete Endpoint Protection – Secure remote workforce devices from zero-day malware

Email Fraud Protection – Automate spoofing and phishing protection for remote employees and partners

Cyber Security Awareness – Empower your remote workforce to stop phishing attacks

Digital Rights Management – Share sensitive files securely amongst authorized remote workers

Remote Browser Isolation – Defend against email and web attacks on your remote workforce

Mobile Threat Defence – Safely access corporate e-mail and apps by securing remote worker mobile devices

Reduce alert fatigue and enable proactive threat detection leveraging AI as threat increases with users working remotely

Gain insight and get alerted on how threat actors and illicit groups take advantage of WFH policy

Detect initial compromise and lateral movements coming through VPN networks utilizing Advanced Cyber Deception

Secure access to critical applications for privileged users accessing remotely

Fingerprint and discover your digital footprint as corporate perimeter shifts while working remotely