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Data Classification and Secure Messaging

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Boldon James is an industry specialist in data classification and secure messaging, delivering globally-recognised innovation, service excellence and technology solutions that work. Part of HelpSystems, we integrate with powerful data security and governance ecosystems to enable customers to effectively manage data, streamline operations and proactively respond to regulatory change. We are a safe pair of hands, with a 35 year heritage of delivering for the world’s leading commercial organisations, systems integrators, defence forces and governments.


Data Classification

Data classification allows your users to assign a visual label to the data they create, so that informed decisions can be taken about how it is managed, protected and shared, both within and outside of your organisation.

Boldon James Classifier turns that visual label into metadata, which can be used to both enforce your company’s security policies and drive other technologies, such as data loss prevention, information rights management and archiving solutions.

The result is streamlined business processes with data security at the core, reducing risk and improving security culture


Sensitive data is important to identify, to ensure the right people have access to the right data. However, sensitivity is just one dimension of data classification. In order to get the full potential from data classification, and value from your data, you need to combine categorisation with security labelling. Boldon James has the unique tools to show you how.


Big data, data governance and data management – these are everyday challenges for all organisations today. Data categorisation with Boldon James Classifier helps you identify the context as well as content of data, and critically extends classification beyond the security domain to ensure you a holistic view of data.

Secure Messaging

Supporting The Military To Communicate Safely And Securely

Traditional Military Message Handling Systems (MMHS) can be difficult & costly to implement, maintain and administer. Boldon James provides a solution that enables you to implement a secure military messaging system quickly, easily and cost-effectively by extending capabilities of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Microsoft platforms, most commonly 2007, 2010, and 2013. This means that you can design and deliver messaging systems based on COTS principles much quicker and with lower financial commitment, with confidence in the security of your messaging and ensuring conformance with STANAG 4406 (including Annex E) and RFC 6477 messaging standards.

We work with best-of-breed industry partners, including CommPower, Deep Secure, Isode and Nexor to supply and integrate associated technology, working together to minimise the risks involved when sending secure messages.


We integrate with powerful data security and governance ecosystems to enable customers to effectively manage data, streamline operations and proactively respond to regulatory change.

Boldon James are certified to ISO 9001, an internationally recognised quality management process which focuses on the development of products which satisfy customer’s quality requirements and comply with applicable regulations.

Boldon James are a Gold Application Development partner, demonstrating a “Best-of-breed” ability and commitment to meet the evolving needs of Microsoft customers – including integrations with Azure Information Protection. The Gold Competency distinguishes Boldon James within the top 1% of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem, which is made up of 640,000 partners worldwide.

We are pioneers of data classification and secure messaging solutions
We provide technology that seamlessly integrates with data governance solutions
We are trusted by customers to reduce risk and streamline business performance
We offer unrivalled customer service excellence 



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