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Citalid’s underlying technology provides a calibrated analysis, simulation and pricing of cyber risks, through its ability to cross-reference technical, contextual as well as financial data. The tool can automatically simulate the ROI of security investments, and actively push recommendation based on both efficiency and profitability.

Platform Capabilities

Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence

Constantly evolving insight into different cyber threats’ offensive capabilities to accurately predict the frequency of attacks and level of vulnerability.

FAIR-based Risk Quantification

A DNA blend of an Incident Responder, a Threat Hunter and a Malware Researcher empowers the defender to analyse, reason, guide and resolve at lightning speed.

Frequency Simulations

Automatically estimate the number of attacks that might target your company in the coming year.

RedTeam Simulations

See what a real RedTeam would do with simulations that generate security recommendations.

Bayesian Modelling

Leverage historical data and business expertise to automatically estimate the financial impact of cyber-attacks.


Stay ahead of the threat

Accurate and dynamic view of how your threat landscape develops over time.

Prepare for what you can’t predict

Accurately assess vulnerabilities and recommend truly effective investments to reduce your risk.

See risk in real terms

Integrate data from a variety of sources and turn them into actionable metrics to make more enlightened security & insurance investments



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