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A product-based cybersecurity provider, Cyware utilizes Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Security Automation & Orchestration technologies to empower enterprises in adapting to the evolving threat landscape. Cyware’s Enterprise Solutions are designed to promote secure collaboration, inculcate cyber resilience, enhance threat visibility and deliver needed control by providing organizations with automated context-rich analysis of threats for proactive response without losing the element of human judgment.

Products and Solutions

Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange [CTIX]

Advanced threat intelligence platform (TIP) for automated ingestion, enrichment, and analysis of threat indicators (IOCs) in a collaborative and bidirectional sharing ecosystem

Cyware Situational Awareness Platform [CSAP]

Mobile-enabled automated alert aggregation, dissemination, and strategic threat intelligence sharing for real-time situational awareness and enhanced collaboration between an organization's security teams.

Cyware Fusion and Threat Response [CFTR]

Automated incident analysis and response platform designed to provide end-to-end threat visibility between silo'ed security teams against malware, vulnerabilities, and threat actors by connecting-the-dots in real time.

Cyware Security Orchestration Layer [CSOL]

Universal, independent security orchestration and automation
(SOAR) module for connecting cybersecurity tools with any IT, DevOps, and business tools in your on-premise or cloud environment.


Cyware assists enterprise cybersecurity teams in establishing virtual cyber fusion centers that are platform agnostic by delivering the cybersecurity industry’s first Virtual Cyber Fusion Center Platform with next-generation SOAR technology. As a result, businesses may boost speed and accuracy while lowering expenses and minimizing analyst burnout. Cyware’s Virtual Cyber Fusion solutions also enable safe collaboration, information sharing, and better threat visibility.


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