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Security Analytics, SIEM, Log Management & Data Analytics

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Devo unlocks the full value of machine data for the world’s most instrumented enterprises, putting more data to work—now. Only the Devo data analytics platform addresses both the explosion in volume of machine data and the new, crushing demands of algorithms and automation. This enables IT operations and security teams to realize the full transformational promise of machine data to move businesses forward. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Devo is privately held and backed by Insight Partners.


Security Operations

Transform the SOC by reinventing the SIEM

Devo Security Operations reinvents the SIEM, empowering analysts to focus on the threats that matter most to the business. It puts the right alerts, data, context and intelligence at the fingertips of analysts across the entire threat lifecycle.

Data Analytics Platform

What’s Delivered with a No-Compromise Architecture

Scale—no re-architecting required

The platform’s cloud-scale architecture grows with you – from GBs, to TBs, to PBs. The core of Devo is the Devo Data Node. It is capable of ingesting 2TB/day and handling 10x ingest bursts, all while servicing thousands of concurrent queries. Scale simply by adding Data Nodes.


Data Management

Traditional approaches to data management take too much time, cost too much, and don’t yield the desired results. Costs are forcing you to collect only 20% of the data, meaning 80% is left to risk and missed opportunity. Devo takes a different architectural approach: we don’t index on ingest, which streamlines the data pipeline. Now you can collect 100% of the data at 80% lower cost.

Built for speed and scale

No tradeoffs: Embrace speed and scale.
Analytics are useless without timely action. The Devo architecture parallelizes the entire data pipeline, enabling you to keep up with growing data volumes without sacrificing performance.

Analytics for all

Unlock the business value of machine data.
Machine data has broken out of back-office IT. Everyone – end-users, stakeholders, developers, and data scientists - sees the value of machine data analytics to do their jobs better or deliver services that increase customer satisfaction. Devo puts both - data analytics and insights - in everyone’s reach.

Machine Learning

Machine learning that delivers.
With all the buzz around ML you need a solution that delivers results for all users - from business analysts, and operational users to data scientists. Get solutions you actually want and quickly deploy them against your toughest business challenges.

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