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Threat Intelligence, antifraud, anti-APT

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Group−IB is a Singapore-based provider of high−fidelity adversary tracking & threat detection system, best−in−class anti−APT, and online fraud prevention solutions. Group-IB’s technological leadership is built on the company’s 18 years of experience in cybercrime investigations worldwide and 70,000 hours of incident response accumulated in our leading forensic laboratory and 24/7 CERT-GIB. Group-IB is a partner of INTERPOL and Europol.

GROUP-IB Production & Solutions

Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution

A new class of organization-specific threat and adversary data collection solutions for proactive hunting and defence.

Group-IB Threat Hunting Framework

Adversary-centric detection of targeted attacks and unknown threats for IT and OT environments.

Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform

Client-side digital identity and fraud prevention in real-time.

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection

AI-driven digital risk identification and mitigation platform.

Group-IB AssetZero

Intelligence-driven attack surface management that continuously discovers all external-facing IT assets

Group-IB Atmosphere

Cloud security solution which coves advanced email-borne threats


Group-IB’s technological leadership and R&D capabilities are built on the company’s 17 years of hands-on experience in cybercrime investigations worldwide and 60,000 hours of cybersecurity incident response accumulated our leading forensic laboratory and round-the-clock CERT-GIB. Group-IB is a partner of INTERPOL, Europol, and has been recommended by the OSCE as a cybersecurity solutions provider.


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