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Upskilling, TTX , Crisis Simulation, Cyber Ranges

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Immersive Labs is the world’s first fully interactive, on-demand, and gamified cyber skills platform. Our technology delivers challenge-based skills content development by experts with access to the latest threat intelligence. Our unique approach engages and measures entire workforces, equipping all employees with critical skills and practical experience in real-time. Immersive Labs simulates cyber scenarios covering everything from the basics to threat hunting and reverse-engineering malware. At the heart of our platform are labs: story-driven exercises accessed from a browser in seconds. We have hundreds of practical, gamified labs dedicated to a huge range of skills and mapped against industry frameworks.


We recognised that passive classroom-based learning doesn’t suit the people, or pace, of cyber security. Content needs to be relevant and play to the strengths of the naturally curious and analytically minded who don’t just want to be taught – they want to upskill. We offer defined objectives and pathways to develop expertise, from gathering knowledge to hands-on, real-world scenarios. Immersive Labs provides everything you need to accelerate any member of your workforce with the right aptitude for a career in cyber security. Immersive Labs also delivers the insight you need to map the skills your team has to the risks your business faces.



Our labs include virtual operating systems, applications and sample malware, all seamlessly accessed from within the browser. This technology allows users to complete exercises from anywhere and on any device.

Gamified attack scenarios

We maximise interaction by placing teams in simulated attacks or ‘black box’ exercises that call on lateral thinking and creative problem solving. This type of challenge-based skills development is enhanced by leaderboards, which encourage healthy competition.

Aligned to the threat landscape

We’ve partnered with threat intelligence providers to give users and security leaders skills around emerging threats and zero-day attacks. Applying intelligence in this way reduces the Mean Time to Learn, so you’re ready to respond to the latest threats.

Risk-based analytics

Our skills platform aligns to frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CKTM, the industry standard for categorising cyber capability. Using our dashboards you can map the skills of your people with your risk profile and security strategy, all in real time.



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