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Predictive Threat Detection & Response

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Seclytics Augur is a breakthrough pXDR (Predictive Detection & Response) platform that aligns and streamlines SOC workflow and hardens your perimeter. Augur’s unique and powerful predictive intelligence gives you exceptional visibility on threats, and the platform also provides smart automation and orchestration to help you beat alert overload and take back control of your SOC.

Platform Capabilities

Predicts Attacks Before They Happen

Augur identifies threat infrastructure using behavioural profiling and machine learning to predict attacks on average 51 days before launch.

Blocks Attacks Automatically

Augur integrates directly with most major security platforms and automatically blocks attacks from the threat actors we’ve identified.

Streamlines SOC Operations

Augur blocks Level 1 threats automatically. It curates and provides enrichment for Level 2 & 3 alerts and analysts can take action on enforcement across your security perimeter directly from Augur.


Augur pXDR puts the power of predictive threat intelligence to work for you in a platform that will improve your security posture and streamline SOC operations. SecLytics can play a vital role in your overall cybersecurity strategy, improving your security posture, streamlining threat response, reducing SOC costs and keeping your networks safe from the bad guys.


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