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Skyhigh Security protects organizations with cloud-native security solutions that are both data-aware and simple to use. Its market-leading Security Service Edge (SSE) Portfolio goes beyond data access and focuses on data use, allowing organizations to collaborate from any device and from anywhere without sacrificing security. Gain complete visibility and control and seamlessly monitor and mitigate security risks—achieving lower associated costs, driving greater efficiencies, and keeping pace with the speed of innovation.

Platform Capabilities

Skyhigh Security Service Edge

Real-time data and threat protection against advanced and cloud-enabled threats and safeguards data across all vectors and users

Skyhigh Cloud Access Security Broker

Data protection, device-based controls, and inline threat protection for all cloud applications using multi-mode cloud solution— all from a single platform.

Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway

User and data protection with integrated RBI, CASB, industry leading DLP capabilities and a 99.999% uptime.

Skyhigh Private Access (ZTNA)

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) with DLP scanning, antimalware inspection and seamless RBI integration for robust data protection

Skyhigh Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

Comprehensive, automated and frictionless cloud-native application ecosystem security


Skyhigh Security was among the pioneers to recognize the immense potential of the cloud, understanding the need for a completely new approach to safeguard data in this evolving hybrid world. Skyhigh Security facilitates the easy management of web activities and unification of data policies, providing a single console for creating and enforcing regulations while granting comprehensive visibility across all aspects of an organization’s infrastructure.



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