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Join CyberKnight and our Technology Partners at the Virtual MENA ISC platform, October 5-6, to explore latest cybersecurity solutions for your Cyber Resilience Strategy.


Historically, Information Security and now Cyber Security faced significant resistance from decision makers. This slowly changed as the regulatory landscape, growing number and cost of cybercrime reached billions and executive security awareness increased. Additionally, Cybersecurity strategies were focused on resistance to cyber-attacks leading to the deployment of controls in an attempt to shield the organization., As regulatory and cyber security frameworks matured organizations with mature practices started implementing Zero Trust Architectures a realization that the inevitable is more likely to occur than be prevented changed from resistance to becoming more resilient. Cyber Resilience is an organization’s preparation for business disruption caused by such attacks, its ability to recover from disruptions, and its systemic capability to adapt and grow from each attack. This requires organizations to understand their internal operating environments and digital ecosystems.