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Cybersecurity’s Tectonic Shift: A Call for Collaboration

Collective defense is a proactive, collaborative approach to cybersecurity that involves organizations working together within and across sectors to defend against targeted cyber threats. By sharing correlated threat behaviors across the ecosystem, participating organizations can mutually aid in the detection, remediation, and mitigation of cyber threats to individual enterprises, business ecosystems, industry sectors, states, and nations.

Discover how organizations can solve even their most complex cyber challenges.

During this event you will learn

  • The current level of advanced threats and their targets and methods
  • How to apply the accepted principle of collective defense to better protect your company.
  • Why current cyber defenses routinely fail.
  • How to get beyond legacy signature based detection to more effective behavior based alerts.
  • How to leverage the strengths of the group to cover the vulnerabilities of individuals.

Maj Gen USAF (Ret) Brett Williams, Co-Founder and COO – IronNet Cybersecurity, will outline the imperative for taking a collective defense approach to defend companies, sectors and nations against today’s advanced nation-state and criminal attackers. He will provide a strategic view of the threat and how it impacts not only critical infrastructure, but nearly every sector of the international business community. General Williams will lay out the case for all of us to take a collective view of defense. We cannot continue to defend alone, we must work together, the adversaries certainly do. Finally, he will describe how today’s cyber defenses typically fail and discuss how we can apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral detection to more effectively detect and respond to attacks.

Learn more:

15th of April, 2.00 pm GST